Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tot School Planning

I can't believe it has been a month since I posted anything on this blog. I have been in super planning mode, not just for tot school and preschool but in preparation for baby, which we found out will be another girl!

I spent probably a week nesting-cleaning out, washing baby stuff, organizing, etc. Then I spent a week recovering from all that work! During that time we decided for sure that we will homeschool the girls. I just know that is what God wants for our family. We have already encountered some resistance but I am trying to not let it get me down. If I am following God's will, then I am doing what is right and it will be blessed by Him.

I was inspired by this post from My Delicious Ambiguity about toddler busy bag activities. My wheels started turning and I thought it might be a good way to organize our tot school activities, especially for use when I have a newborn to take care of. So I got busy making gallon ziploc baggie filled activities for Lyla. I printed some activities from Making Learning Fun and used some of Carisa's tot book activities as well. I have a long list of other things to make for her "busy bag", most of which includes my grandma (a sewing wiz). I am still a little unsure how exactly I want to use this. I have been thinking of just using the bag as storage and placing the items on trays as usual or filling the bag with activities for a week at a time and letting her play with (and clean up) to her little heart's desire. I am also thinking about incorporating blanket training in this but I think trial and error will determine what works best. I am just using plain canvas bags for now. I will jazz them up once I determine what will work. I am also contemplating moving our bookshelf with the trays out into the living area so their supplies are accessible all the time. I am worried about the mess as neither of my girls have learned how to pick up after theirselves (completely my fault) but it would be helpful once baby comes if I can successfully train them to do one activity at a time and clean up after each activity. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I would also love to teach my 2-yo son to clean up after himself - right now we just leave the chaos until the end of the day - but now that 7-month-old Sissy is starting to chew on books, we're having to start picking them up a little more often! :) No tips here...

    Just wanted to say that I sympathize/empathize with you about the family tension about homeschooling thing - my parents were here for a visit recently, and when I mentioned homeschooling as a future possibility I saw the veins in my dad's neck bulge out just a little, so I know we have a similar road ahead of us. :( But again, if it is what God wants for our family, He will give us the strength to carry it out and He will bless us for faithfulness in training our little blessings in His ways!!!