Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our New School Room and Routine

The Room

I wanted to share with you all the changes we have made to how we do school around here. Not long after we got started with tot school and preschool, I took pictures and put together a post of where we worked and where I stored things. Most of that has changed now. Before you read on: I did not clean up before I snapped these pictures. Sorry for the overflowing trash, the messy shelves, etc.

Our “school room” is now in our laundry room. About 4 years ago we built an addition to our house and this laundry room was part of that. It is about a 12x12. I wanted it big because our house is so small, I knew I would need the extra storage. It stayed a mess most of the time. We moved our computer and office stuff in here when Lyla was born to make more room for her. After doing school in the kitchen and dining area, I knew I needed a dedicated space for all of our stuff with a kid sized table so I went to work cleaning out and setting up.

It is now an office, school room, and laundry room! I am happy with the new space and the girls love it! Laundry can’t be done while we are in there but I have never been good at keeping the laundry up anyway, at least now I have an excuse! The lighting is not good in there and my big person chair is not comfy at all. I would like to install a storm door on the outside door so we can get more natural light in and look outside while we are working in there.

I leave the tot trays and workboxes out all the time (except for scissors, glue, markers, etc.). It has been a problem a few times but I gently remind them that our school stuff stays in that room only!


I have a large shelf in the laundry room where I keep supplies (in the corner in the picture). Anything that fits in one of my boxes goes here.

I keep odd sized supplies in a closet in our hallway. My husband just installed the shelves and it makes it so much easier to find things!

Books are still in their room except for our Sonlight books, which are kept out of reach on a built in bookcase in our living room.

The Routine

Our usual routine is to get to work shortly after breakfast. That is why the girls are in their pajamas in most pictures. They are usually eager to get started and it helps eliminate excuses and distractions. A few days we got dressed, went outside, etc. and it was really hard to get them in there to do anything.

First thing we do is our “circle time” board and RRSP board. The circle time board has a calendar with removable month, calendar, and day. I write in the date with dry erase marker. There is a seasons chart, days of the week which we mark as today, tomorrow, and yesterday. I try to talk about what we did yesterday and what we will do tomorrow to help with these concepts. Next we do the weather. We go over our address and phone number. All of these components are from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Then we talk about who we are praying for and what countries we are praying for (part of Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve curriculum). I point out the countries on our world map.

Then we go through our RRSP board (somehow I don't have a picture of this but you can see it in other pictures).

Next we pray then read a bible story from 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible (part of Sonlight P3/4 curriculum). Then we read a story book from Sonlight. We always read one but sometimes more, depending on their attention level.

Then we move on to tot trays and workboxes. I have Abby work through her boxes in order. I fill them with various activities. Some go along with RRSP, some with Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve, and some from various sources.

Then we are done! We read and learn throughout the day but that is the routine in the school room. They go in there during the day to color and play but they aren’t allowed to take anything out of the room and they have to clean up what they get out, no matter what time of day it is.

That’s how we do school now!

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