Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tot School-Week 2

It was not the most productive week for us. I am 21 weeks pregnant and not feeling well much of the week. I tried to stick to my plans as much as possible but some days just didn't go well. I'll try again next week! Here's what we did accomplish!

We did some spooning of beads into different size cups. I used a measuring spoon and some pinch cups from Pampered Chef. She loved this!

I got out the velcro food and let her cut to her little heart's desire! I was going to have her match the halves back together but she got bored before we got to that.

I hid some small firemen and policemen in a tupperware box of popcorn kernels. We got these red, white, and blue popcorn kernels for a Christmas present and they did not pop well so I dumped them in a box, hid the men, and let her dig. It made a huge mess, mainly because big sister just had to play too!

We did transferring pom poms again but this time I gave her an ice cube tray. She did good at first with only putting one in a hole but by the end she was stuffing them all in one!

I let her hammer golf tees in a styrofoam block with a toy hammer. She didn't like the hammer (?) but would push them with her finger. She loved this and so did big sister (who used the hammer). I got this idea from Delightful Learning, I think.

Everyone's favorite activity this week was farm animal sounds bingo. I have had this game forever and got it out this week for both girls. My older daughter and I used the game cards and Lyla used the toy farm animals. When the animal sound came on I would ask Lyla to find that animal. They got the biggest kick out of those animal sounds!

That's all we did this week. She was much more cooperative and "stable" this week but I was careful in choosing activities that I knew she would like. And we didn't do the trays every day since I didn't feel well. Overall a good week though!

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  1. What great ideas! I especially love the block and golf tees and hammer. I know my tot would LOVE doing that! (At least I think he would, he's full of surprises ;)
    Where did you get your Tot Trays? I have been looking for some and have not been able to find any yet.